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Radiance is a physician-owned and physician-on-site medical aesthetics practice. What makes us a unique practice in our community is having the education and training necessary to give you a well-rounded approach to your aging and skin concerns in the most safe and effective manner possible.

You are already beautiful! Our primary goal is to help you feel confident with natural and restorative results, so you can look and feel like your radiant self.

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Who We Are

Radiance Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Spa is truly an innovative clinic, providing the best possible care and results for our patients. Our goal is to make you feel confident, beautiful, and radiant. We use the highest quality devices, techniques, products, and procedures with our patients’ satisfaction as our top priority. Our licensed professionals have years of expertise and training to help you achieve all of your aesthetic goals safely and effectively.

Meet Colleen Parker, M.D.

Dr. Colleen Parker, MD graduated from the University of Utah School of Medicine in 2003 and completed her Anesthesia residency at University of Vermont, FAHC in 2007. She and her husband, a surgeon at UVM, have lived with their children in Vermont since 2004. Dr. Parker currently practices as a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. This makes her uniquely suited as an aesthetic physician who possesses not only the artistry necessary but also accurate anatomic understanding of the human face. Dr. Parker has over 9 years of cosmetic medicine experience and is excited to provide a clinic where patients can begin and continue to receive the highest quality aesthetic and wellness care with a trained, experienced physician.

Dr. Colleen Parker Radiance Medical Spa Williston VT
Dr. Colleen Parker with patient at Radiance Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Spa in Williston VT
“While I love the challenge of anesthesia in the Operating Room, I missed the continuity of care in the clinical setting. Providing care and helping patients feel their best about themselves is fulfilling. Much of what I do is education about how to take care of your skin, not just to prevent, reduce and reverse the signs of aging, but also for the health and well being of the patient. There are things that we can do to get rid of lines, smooth wrinkles, fade age spots that are inexpensive and with little down time, that many patients are not aware of before coming into my office. They want to see in the mirror how they feel on the inside. I am able to help them with that. I live and work in Vermont for a reason, and I love what I do. I see my patients regularly, and my schedule allows me to really get to know them and thereby better understand their esthetic goals.”

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“All my questions and concerns were answered in a very professional, informative manner. I didn’t feel rushed or pressured to do anything I wasn’t comfortable doing. Every attempt was made to help me overcome the anxiety I felt. I’m happy with my entire experience. I’ll be back!”
Mary Anne
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“I finally took the leap and received a Botox treatment from Dr. Parker. I looked like I had a scowl all my life. A week after treatment when I looked in the mirror I looked as though I was truly alive, no scowl, bright, open eyes – I’m a believer and fan of Dr. Parker!”
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“I’ve been to Radiance a handful of times now for different reasons and *every* visit is exceptional. Dr. Parker never goes overboard with anything and makes sure the process is understandable. She cares deeply about confidentiality, cleanliness, and longevity. I HIGHLY recommend her and her entire staff for literally any procedure they offer. She is the best of the best. We’re lucky to have her here in VT!”
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“Dr. Parker and everyone at Radiance gives the best care. They are professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and very caring.”
Feedback from Radiance Patient
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“Dr Parker was awesome, honest, pragmatic, spent time going over injections with me and really reasonable! Plus the least painful botox injection I have ever had in my life.”
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“Dr. Parker is wonderful. She was welcoming and kind when I arrived in the exam room. She was very thorough in her consult with me. She took a lot of time to help me understand the procedure and allowed me time to ask all of my questions. I really appreciated her patience and diligence in educating me on the procedure. I highly recommend going to see Dr. Parker. On two separate visits, I have visited the spa for both a facial and laser hair treatment with Autumn. Autumn is lovely. She also thoroughly explains procedures and answers questions with grace. She is also excellent at creating a calm and tranquil environment during her treatments. Overall, I highly recommend Radiance Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Spa. Such a wonderful staff- from the front desk to the esthetician to Dr. Parker.”
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