6 Of The Best (and Safest!) Summer Skin Care Treatments

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Unfortunately, during the summertime, it is not always a great time to do some of our favorite treatments like Halo®, BBL®, strong chemical peels, or laser procedures

Why is this?

Being out in the sun makes your skin more sensitive to heat and further pigmentation, and using a laser on sun-sensitized skin could potentially cause hyperpigmentation (or hypopigmentation), burns, scars, or even further damage! Therefore, having most laser or more intense skin treatments is not advised when you know you will be in the sun, i.e., in the summertime.

But don’t be alarmed. These lasers are safe and work as long as YOU do! This means scheduling them in advance and during a season when you won’t be at risk of sun exposure.

Luckily, there ARE many other treatments that you can do during the summer (and year-round) that are safe and will maintain healthy, radiant skin. Each of these treatments has different mechanisms and ways of giving you the results you are looking for this summer, and best of all; you can still go out and enjoy your summer activities!

Here is a list of our favorite summer skin care treatments!

  1. Sunscreen (zinc and titanium dioxide only)
  2. Microneedling
  3. Dermasweep Facial (think Hydra Facial but BETTER)
  4. Our Radiance Signature Treatments
    1. Laser Glow Peel
    2. Pico Glow Peel,
  5. Pico Genesis
  6. Dermaplaning Facials
  7. Bonus skin care treatment – Customized Facials 
A technician at radiance spa micro needling a patients forehead

Why are Summer Skincare Treatments Important?

We should be maintaining healthy skin all year round! During summer, our skin deserves particular attention, as hemlines come up, strappy dresses go on, and more of our body gets exposed to direct sunlight. UV rays are most powerful in spring and summer, so sunscreen use and reapplication are essential to protect your skin. We recommend you opt for a mineral-based sunscreen (containing zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide) as these offer broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Aside from using a physical-only SPF, REAPPLICATION is vital to prevent burns and sun damage. Aim to reapply your SPF at least every 2 hours to maintain good protection. During the hot weather, pores can get clogged with dead skin cells and increased sweat production. Summer skincare treatments promote cell turnover and exfoliation of dead skin cells, revealing brighter skin. Here’s how our top #2 recommendations, Sunscreen and Microneedling, will keep your skin healthy and radiant:


What sunscreen does:

A good SPF is essential to your summer skincare routine! The minerals in physical-only sunscreens create a barrier on your skin that reflects UV rays, providing immediate protection as soon as the SPF is applied. For this reason, they are more effective than chemical ingredients that may require time to be absorbed by the skin before they provide protection. Physical-only SPFs are also less likely to cause skin irritation than chemical SPFs. 

Our top SPF recommendations: 

Cost of Sunscreen: 

Depending on your sunscreen of choice, cost can range from $30-$70

Why SPF is important:

Prolonged UV exposure can cause premature aging and skin damage, such as sunspots, benign pigmented lesions, and, worst case, cancerous cells. An SPF is a simple but essential step to preserving healthy skin. And it’s not just for your summer skincare routine! UV rays can be powerful and cause skin damage throughout all seasons, even on cloudy winter days. In fact, UV rays bounce off surfaces like water and snow, increasing UV exposure. So whether you’re hitting the slopes on a winter’s day or cruising on the water at the height of summer, an SPF should be a staple product in your skincare routine all year round! 


What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a process that involves using a device with small needles to create tiny pinprick-like micro-injuries in the skin. This process stimulates a response from the skin cells, leading to exfoliation and renewal and increased collagen production. The results you will enjoy include healing of skin damage such as scarring, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and overall skin rejuvenation, leading to a healthier and more youthful appearance.

How often should you have a Microneedling treatment? 

We recommend at least three treatments 1 x month for optimum results.

Cost of Microneedling?

Depending on your goals and number of treatments, cost can range from $250-$875 

Why is Microneedling important?

Microneedling stimulates collagen production and regenerates your skin cells to produce healthier and better-functioning cells. Healthier skin cells + Collagen = Better looking skin! 

The benefits of Microneedling include: 

  • Improvement in skin tone and texture
  • Accelerated healing of blemishes and acne scarring
  • Minimized pore size
  • Prevention of aging and reduction in fine lines/wrinkles
  • Little downtime – (redness usually persists for around 24-72 hrs)
  • Little discomfort – numbing cream is used for a comfortable treatment!

Why choose Microneedling during Summer?

While microneedling is a fantastic treatment all year round, we particularly recommend it for those looking for a rejuvenating treatment during summer. Unlike laser treatments, microneedling achieves these results without making your skin overly sensitive to the sun. So, microneedling is an excellent alternative to laser treatment for your summer skincare. 

Whether you are in your 20s or your 60s, microneedling can help rejuvenate your skin. Book a consultation with our esthetician, Andria, to see how Microneedling can benefit your skin!

Your summer skincare routine should be a top priority for maintaining healthy and radiant skin. While it’s essential to be cautious with intense treatments like lasers and chemical peels during sun-soaked months, plenty of safe and effective options are available. Summer skincare treatments like Microneedling will resurface your skin, revealing a brighter complexion without making your skin overly sensitive to the sun. Additionally, don’t forget the importance of SPF! Especially when outside, it’s essential to re-apply every couple of hours to prevent burns and sun damage. 

By following these summer skincare practices, you can confidently enjoy your summer activities, knowing your skin is well-protected and on its way to looking its best. So, embrace these summer skincare treatments and bask in the glow of healthier, more beautiful skin all year round!

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