Are eyelash serums safe and effective?

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What you need to know about Eyelash Serums:

Health and beauty ads are everywhere. What’s true? What’s safe? And who can you believe? Doctor Colleen Parker of Radiance Medical Aesthetics and Wellness in Williston, VT has your answers, backed by science, and clinical evidence. Doctor Parker keeps you in the know.
Hi, this is Doctor Parker. So one question that I’ve been asked recently is about eyelash serums. And when we get to the bottom of it, what we want to know is – is it safe and is it effective? And the truth is, eyelash serums are effective and it is generally safe. So it is effective in the fact that it is a medication. And it’s either a prostaglandin, or a prostaglandin derivative, which is a hormone that our body makes that increases hair growth.

In this particular case, we have two options:
1. take a small amount of prostaglandin if it’s a prescription, or
2. a 
prostaglandin “cousin” (a weaker, non-prescription version) if it’s an over-the-counter medication.

When applied to the bottom of the lash line of the upper eyelid, it causes increased blood flow to the follicle, which allows the follicle to support a longer, thicker hair. Which results in longer, thicker eyelashes.

The negatives? It’s temporary, so it only works as long as you’re using the medication. Another negative is dry eye, irritation, red eyes, and a reddish brown discoloration of the skin of the upper lid. Again, this is indicative of that increased blood flow that is temporary.

Bonus Tip For Eyelash Serums!

  • Be careful when ordering eyelash serums online…
    • Ordering eyelash serums from online sites such as Amazon or Overstock does not guarantee that the product is safe or hasn’t been tampered with in some way. It’s always best to buy directly from your local medical aesthetics practice, over-the-counter stores, or directly from the company website who makes the eyelash serum.

Dr. Parker's Recommendations For Eyelash Serums

LATISSE® Prescription Eyelash Serum

Prescription eyelash serums are good for anyone who wants quicker results using products that have been clinically tested and proven to be safe and effective.

REVITALASH® Non-Prescription Eyelash Serum

Revitalash® is good for those seeking a more gentle product that does not require a consult with Dr. Parker to buy since it’s a non-prescription formula.

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