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trusculpt fat reduction

truSculpt® is a fantastic treatment for body contouring: a way of reducing fat, tightening the skin, and sculpting the body in a safe and non-invasive way. 

truSculpt® has no seasonal limitations and can be done year round so you can feel confident and work towards your fitness goal or be ready for that special event. This heat-based device will give you the jump start to target stubborn and unwanted fat and feel confident while strutting in your bathing suit this season, working towards your fitness goals, or preparing for a special event!

As a wellness and aesthetics practice, Radiance is dedicated to outsourcing only the best devices to give you safe and effective results. Compared to other fat reduction devices, truSculpt® is a very safe option, which is a huge reason why Dr. Parker uses this device in her practice. A truSculpt® procedure is quick, tolerable, and, best of all, there is no downtime. Read below to learn more about body contouring with truSculpt®!

What is truSculpt®?

truSculpt® is a fat reduction and skin tightening procedure that delivers radiofrequency to destroy fat cells. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they are eliminated naturally from the body over an 8-12 week period. The result is a more contoured body shape and a tighter appearance to the surrounding skin. truSculpt® is an excellent addition to your health goals, especially if you have areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Why choose truSculpt®?

truSculpt® has a well-respected reputation in the medical aesthetics industry for being one of the safest and most effective treatment options for fat reduction and body contouring. The use of radiofrequency and heat penetrates deep enough to target fat cells without damaging surrounding cells in the body. This is a great non-invasive solution to reduce an average of 24% of stubborn fat in the treatment area without going under the knife. Amazing results can be achieved with as little as 1-2 treatments for the body areas, or 2-4 treatments for submental, under the chin.

What Areas Can Be Treated With truSculpt®?

truSculpt® can be used under the jawline to tighten and reduce fat, revealing a more youthful and defined jawline. 

This treatment can also be done on the inner and outer thighs, the arms, above and around the knees, the lower and upper abdomen, and the flanks (love handle area).

Before and After truSculpt®

Before Your truSculpt® Treatment

  • Be sure to drink plenty of water. This will ensure the best treatment outcomes and for your body to flush out any toxins and fat cells after the treatment has been performed. 
  • Any excess hair in the treatment area should be shaved prior to treatment. 
  • Also consider, if you have any hardware or implants in your body make sure to notify your clinician prior to your treatment!
  • Be sure to wear neutral-colored undergarments to your procedure for your before photos, and make a reminder to wear the same ones when you come back for your follow-up appointment and photos in 8-12 weeks!

During Treatment

  • truSculpt® can treat up to 3 different body areas in as little as 15 minutes! 
  • When you arrive at your appointment, we will guide you through before photos and make sure you are prepped and comfortable for treatment. 
  • Our medical esthetician will perform your treatment, be with you throughout your treatment process, and place the treatment paddles in position for your desired treatment areas.
  • truSculpt® feels warm and heated to the skin and is a tolerable procedure that does not require any numbing. 
  • We gradually increase the temperature to reach therapeutic treatment level. 
  • The number of paddles we use varies from patient to patient, depending on surface area and the desired areas you want to sculpt and treat.
  • For example: Treating the full abdomen may use all 6 paddles. If you want to treat the lower stomach, this may range from 3-6 paddles, and any paddles leftover may be placed to simultaneously treat other areas, such as the back of the arms. All in only 15 minutes!
  • We focus on your consultation process and wellness goals for truSculpt®
  • At Radiance, we customize each treatment specific to your wants, goals, and body type. This is not a one size fits all and is unique to you because you are unique!
  • We provide a safe space and body-positive environment for you to comfortably discuss your body goals. This is a judgment-free zone where you can consult with a physician who will listen, understand, and utilize her medical background and knowledge to go beyond body sculpting and discuss overall health and wellness.
  • All treatments are overseen by Dr. Parker, a board-certified anesthesiologist. An additional benefit you receive at Radiance ensuring your treatment is as effective and safe as it can be for you!

After Treatment

  • After your truSculpt® treatment, you may return to your normal activities and lifestyle.
  • No downtime is required, and you can even return to the gym the same day! 
  • Some patients may experience slight tenderness, swelling, and/or redness in the treated area which is very tolerable and resides within 24-48 hours. 
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out the eliminated fat cells, and come back for a follow-up and after photos in 8-12 weeks. You’ll love to see the results!

truSculpt® Cost?

  • For body areas:
    • Ranges from $1500 – $3000. This is dependent on your body goals, body type, and how many paddles are required to treat the desired targeted areas.
  • For Submental (double chin):
    • Ranges from $600 – $800. This is dependent on how many “stamps” you will need in the under-chin area to achieve the desired results.
  • If x5 stamps are required, we will take $100 off each successive treatment, down to $500.


truSculpt® Results?

Plan Ahead!

  • Results can be seen 4-8 weeks following your second submental treatment, and results for body areas can be seen in 8-12 weeks following a single treatment.

This Is NOT Surgery!

  • Although a great alternative to going under the knife, it is important to know that truSculpt® is non-invasive and will not give you the same “drastic” results as liposuction or tummy tucks. That would be equivalent to expecting a 5-course meal when you only ordered the appetizer…it’s simply not the same.

What You Can Expect!

  • An average of 24% fat reduction in the treatment area(s).
  • Mild to moderate tightening of the skin in the treatment area(s).
  • You may need more than one treatment.
  • Subtle and noticeable results.
  • We always inform our patients that the expectation of their results will be as if you put on a pair of spanks that will compress and smooth your figure, as well as contour your shape. Adding that extra boost of confidence and feeling more comfortable in your clothes!

Your diet, exercise, and lifestyle matter!

  • This is not a weight loss treatment, it is for body contouring and feeling a boost of confidence in yourself. The goal of this treatment is not to see the number go down on the scale.
  • If you’re looking to lose weight, or are outside 20-30 pounds of your “target weight goal”,  then truSculpt iD may not be the ideal treatment for you.
  • Your treatments only work as much as YOU DO. This means that if you are eating poorly and not maintaining a healthy lifestyle, your treatment results may be negatively impacted. Protect your investment in yourself (and your pocket) and discuss with your provider about potential referrals for nutrition, diet, health, and exercise. We are happy to help in any way we can to ensure you’re educated on all of your treatment options (not just the ones available at Radiance) and that the procedure is ultimately right for you!

truSculpt® vs. Coolsculpting?

Now that you have learned about what truSculpt® is, you may be wondering which is better: truSculpt® or Coolsculpting? In our humble opinion, truSculpt® is the clear winner, and here is why:

  • Better Technology
    • truSculpt® uses Monopolar RF Focused Hyperthermia
      • CoolSculpt uses Cryo Focused Hypothermia
  • Less Time
    • Trusculpt: 6 handpieces = 15 minute treatment time
      • CoolSculpt: 3 applicators x35 mins = 105 minutes
  • More Comfortable
    • truSculpt®: comfortable like a hot stone massage
      • CoolSculpt: Pulling, tugging, mild pinching, intense cold, tingling, stinging, aching, and cramping.
  • More Effective
    • truSculpt®: ~24% permanent fat reduction
      • CoolSculpt: 20-25% permanent fat reduction
  • Fewer Side Effects
    • truSculpt® Common Side Effects: Warm & flush for <1 hr, mild sensitivity to the touch. No known reported cases of PAH (Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia).
      • CoolSculpt Common Side Effects: Temporary redness, swelling, blanching, bruising, firmness, tingling, stinging, tenderness, cramping, aching, itching, or skin sensitivity. Reports of patients experiencing PAH (Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia or the “stick of butter” side effect).
  • Treats More
    • truSculpt® CAN treat: non-pinchable fat, skin laxity, BMI over 30
      • CoolSculpt CANNOT treat: non-pinchable fat, skin laxity, BMI over 30.

If you would like more information on truSculpt® contact our clinic or book a consultation online with Dr. Parker! No waitlist is necessary for new patients or truSculpt® consultations. Treatments provided by Licensed Esthetician, Andria.

With truSculpt®, the focus is on providing outstanding results that are easily achievable and will leave you astonished. As you continue with your sessions, you’ll notice your body gracefully transforming into a shape that feels more comfortable for you. Many truSculpt® patients at radiance spa decide to pair their treatments with microneedling to help increase skin tightness. We also recommend our truSculpt® clients use Alastin Transform to help speed up and improve results. 

Whether you aim to sculpt your waistline, tone your thighs, or define your abs, truSculpt® will work wonders, giving you newfound confidence and pride in your appearance.

What are you waiting for? Book an appointment today and experience the full benefits of a truSculpt® body contouring experience. truSculpt® is not invasive, has no downtime, has close to no side effects, and produces excellent results in as little as 8-12 weeks!

Schedule your truSculpt® appointment today.

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