Does collagen help me age better?

Nutrafol Collagen

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What you need to know about Collagen:

Health and beauty ads are everywhere. What’s true? What’s safe? And who can you believe? Doctor Colleen Parker of Radiance Medical Aesthetics and Wellness in Williston, VT has your answers, backed by science, and clinical evidence. Doctor Parker keeps you in the know.

This is Doctor Parker, and I get this question all the time about whether collagen will help my hair grow faster, help my skin look better. Help me age better. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as clear as we’d like. So as soon as a study comes out that says yes, absolutely, taking collagen orally makes a difference. Another study will come out and say, no, it doesn’t really make a difference. There was a large meta analysis recently published that essentially concluded that if you take a certain amount of protein every day for at least three months, you can see a difference in your skin quality and hair. Other parts of their conclusion was the fact that it helps with gut motility and gut health. So in the end, we think it makes things better. It satisfies in my mind. Number one, my Hippocratic oath of first do no harm. So personally, I mean, I take it I just go to Costco and I buy the Vital Proteins brand, and that’s what I use every day. And maybe it helps, but it doesn’t do me any harm.

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