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Easy ways to remove fat in certain areas:

Health and beauty ads are everywhere. What’s true? What’s safe? And who can you believe? Doctor Colleen Parker of Radiance Medical Aesthetics and Wellness in Williston, VT has your answers, backed by science, and clinical evidence. Doctor Parker keeps you in the know.

Hi, this is Doctor Parker. I get asked fairly frequently about an easy way to get rid of fat and certain areas. There are noninvasive and invasive ways to help with fat deposits in certain areas. There are two forms of noninvasive what we call lipolysis, which is destruction of fat cells, and one of them uses radiofrequency. The other freezes things. 

The one that uses radiofrequency is safer and more effective. It is specifically supposed to be used to just get rid of, or lessen the appearance of a small areas of unwanted adipose tissue. The perfect candidate for this particular procedure is somebody who has been working out. They have kept their weight under control. They have stubborn areas that are hard to target – many times those areas are segmental. So right below the chin, the lower belly, the little pouch that we get because they tend to collect adipose tissue there as we age. 

The machine itself can reduce it by about 25%. So if the adipose tissue layer is two inches thick, fat reduction in the area can add up to be about a quarter of an inch or a half inch just in that little four inch square.

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