Everything You Need To Know About BBL Broadband Light Therapy For Acne

BBL Broadband Light

Dealing with skin conditions like acne, rosacea, and signs of aging can affect more than just your skin. It can also cause emotional and mental challenges in your everyday life. If you’re struggling with these concerns, it can feel overwhelming and stressful trying to research and sort through the numerous treatments, creams, and medications on the market. Look no further because BBL Broadband Light Therapy is the all-in-one device that can treat your skin needs. Read below for a quick guide on BBL and BBL for Acne!

What is BBL Treatment?

BBL (Broadband Light) is an FDA-approved device that uses filtered light similar to a laser to address various skin concerns and improve the overall condition of the skin. Broadband light laser therapy can target many different skin conditions, such as acne, brown spots, pigmentation, vascularities, redness, rosacea, bruises, wrinkles, fine lines, and more.

The light energy stimulates your skin cells to regenerate and become healthier, improving the skin’s clarity and luminosity, which is called photobiomodulation. In addition to treating the targeted skin concern, BBL stimulates collagen and elastin production, helping reduce the appearance of aging, such as wrinkles, sun damage, sagging skin, and uneven texture and complexion.

The downtime varies based on the specific treatment being performed, but overall BBL has minimal downtime and an easy healing process. For all types of broadband light treatment, you will need to be very cautious about sun exposure and not use self-tanner for at least 4 – 6 weeks before and after the treatment. Remember – the laser can see pigment that we cannot see, and therefore having a tan or even just going to watch your kid’s outdoor sports games may result in no treatment being able to be performed. Check out our blog 5 Ways To Prepare For Your Laser Treatments, for more information on this!

Why BroadBand Light Treatment (BBL) For Acne Treatment?

Acne is the most common skin condition in the US and affects up to 50 million people (AAD). Although there are various treatment options for acne, many of them can cause prolonged side effects, numerous amounts of trial and error, and can even cause your acne to become worse. 

As we get older, we believe acne will resolve itself, and unfortunately, that is usually not the case. Many people struggle with acne even into their adult years. Although acne is looked at as purely a cosmetic condition, the emotional toll is significant and affects our self-confidence at any age. For some even debilitating not to attend events, not wanting to go to school, or not being confident to go for a job interview.

This also introduces acne’s “evil step-sister” – acne scarring, which is just as much if not more of a struggle when it comes to finding a cure. We always suggest that if you are a teenager or young adult and have acne, do the treatments NOW. As we age, our skin is less likely to heal as quickly and increases the risk of acne scarring, which is difficult to treat. 

If a home remedy or TikTok trend works for one person, it doesn’t mean it’s scientifically proven to work or will work for you and your skin. Why risk going through a trial of negative side effects with other acne treatments if you don’t have to? The short answer is you don’t, and broadband light therapy for acne is clinically proven to provide clearer skin in a few short weeks.

How Does Broadband Light Treatment (BBL) Treat Acne?

BBL for the treatment of acne utilizes the light in three different wavelengths to target specific causes of acne, fight acne-causing bacteria, and prevent future breakouts.

BBL for acne 3-step process to target acne:

Step 1: Uses blue light to kill acne-causing bacteria deep within the sebaceous gland and epidermis which reduces active acne, as well as prevents new breakouts from forming.

Step 2: Yellow light is used to reduce deeper acne lesions and diffuse redness and inflammation associated with acne.

Step 3:  This filter compliments the results from the first two steps by further reducing redness and oil production and stimulating your body’s healing response.

BBL for acne is a tolerable, minimal-pain procedure that does not require topical numbing cream. There is little to no downtime, and you may return to normal activities within 24 hours of treatment. 

BBL for acne treatment is a quick and easy procedure taking roughly 30 – 60 minutes, depending on the areas treated, and can be used to treat acne on the face, chest, shoulders, and back. Sun exposure and self-tanner should be avoided 4-6 weeks before treatment.

What does your face look like after a broadband light (BBL) for acne treatment?

You may experience slight redness and a light sunburn sensation immediately after BBL for acne treatment. Your acne may appear redder after being treated, which is normal and expected, and typically lasts less than a couple of hours post-treatment. There is virtually no downtime associated with BBL acne treatment, and once the warm sensation has subsided, makeup can be applied if desired.

How often should you get broadband light (BBL) treatment for acne?

For best results, a  minimum of 6 treatments done at 2 to 4-week intervals is recommended. The key is to be consistent with your procedure timing to get the most benefit from your treatments. Typically, results start to become noticeable after the first 2-3 treatments and you will start to notice fewer amounts of active breakouts compared to before. Depending on the cause of the acne condition and the severity of the acne, some patients may need more than 6 treatments and/or maintenance treatments.

It is important to avoid sun exposure and use physical-only sunscreen after BBL for acne treatment as the laser can cause your skin to become more sensitive to sunlight and therefore increase your risk of sunburn. Our clinicians at Radiance can help you find the right SPF specific to your skin type that won’t make your acne worse. Your skin will fully heal within one week, and normal activities can be resumed 24 hours post-treatment.

How much is a broadband light (BBL) treatment for acne treatment?

Here at Radiance in Burlington, Vermont, a single treatment of BBL Acne is $250, and your treatment will be performed by our medical esthetician. A package of 6 treatments, which is highly recommended for best results, is $1200. These prices can vary based on the provider seen and any additional add-ons to your treatment.

What to expect after BBL for acne Treatment?

At Radiance we focus on truly customizing your treatments to your unique needs and skin goals. This might include being put on a specific skincare regimen, pre-treating with a serum or cream before your BBL for acne treatment, or post-treating the skin with another form of laser light therapy.

During and after your completion of broadband light (BBL) Acne treatment,  results should be maintained with a proper skincare routine at home and maintenance facials/peels with a licensed esthetician to keep up with extractions and cell turnover. There is more to aesthetics treatments than getting rid of stubborn acne, next is to focus on reducing any residual acne scarring (if any) or prevention of aging to keep your skin healthy for the long term!

How does broadband light (BBL) therapy for acne differ from other acne treatments?

  • BBL for acne uses a unique combination of light that is not available on other IPL alternatives and is the most powerful IPL device in the market. 
    • Tip: Don’t waste your money on home therapy LED masks! The light therapy masks you see online or at the drugstore will not give you the same or even comparable results as BBL.
  • BBL for acne can also be done in conjunction with other topical acne remedies, and our esthetician can help you select a simple yet effective skincare regimen to maintain healthy skin during and after your BBL acne treatments. 
    • Tip: Healthy skin responds to treatments better, saving you time and money in the long run!
  • BBL for acne is suitable for teens and adults as an Accutane alternative without harsh, systemic medication and possible side effects over a more significant time period.

BBL Treatment For Acne in Burlington, Vermont Area

BBL is by far one of the best treatments in the medical aesthetic industry to date, and BBL for acne is your no-downtime, no-drug solution for acne. Our certified clinicians at Radiance Medical Aesthetics have the expertise and added benefit of physician oversight so you can trust you are receiving the best assessment and recommendations for your skin type while treating BBL for acne safely and effectively.

If you are looking for a non-invasive treatment for acne in the Burlington and Williston, Vermont area, schedule your consultation and BBL for acne treatment here.

Curious about the other treatments that BBL can perform? Check out this webpage.

Not sure which acne treatment is best for you or where to start? Schedule a general consultation with our medical esthetician here.


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