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What is Kybella

Kybella is the first FDA approved, nonsurgical approach to a permanent treatment of under chin fat or “double chin”.  A series of injections dissolves the fat under your chin in a stepwise and controllable fashion. This is a 30-minute in-office procedure that has revolutionized the treatment of chin fullness to give you a more youthful, defined profile.

Who is Kybella for

Kybella is for patients who want a prominent jawline and who want to significantly reduce under chin fat. Your physician will be able to advise if you are a candidate for kybella.


Even if you exercise and eat healthy it is still possible to have problem areas of fat under the chin. This treatment is the ideal option for patients who want an effective procedure for stubborn under chin fat.

Where is Kybella injected

Kybella is injected in a specific pattern underneath the jawline. A series of treatments is required for optimal results. Consult with your physician about how many treatments you will need.

Before & After