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Laser – Vein – Legs

What is Laser Vein

Our laser technology is used to safely and effectively reduce the appearance of spider veins and deep blue veins that appear on the legs by redirecting the blood flow back to the deeper veins within the skin. This is a great alternative for patients who do not want to get injections from sclerotherapy treatment.

Who is Laser Vein for

This procedure is for anyone who has unwanted spider or reticular veins on their legs. Dark, tan, or light skin tones are all possible candidates for this treatment. Your physician will be able to tell you if you are a candidate for laser vein removal.


Many patients see significant results within two to six weeks post treatment. Their is very little bruising or complications with this treatment and is great way to diminish unsightly leg veins of all sizes. There are no painful injections and little to no downtime.

Where is Laser Vein applied

The laser is applied on the leg veins the patient wants to get rid of. The number of treatments vary depending on the number, size, and color of the veins being treated. Your physician will advise a path of treatment best for you.

Laser – Vein – Legs