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Permanent Makeup – Eyebrows

What is Permanent Makeup – Eyebrows

This is a classic approach to eyebrow enhancement that provides a more defined, longer lasting effect than microblading. This is for patients that have either have no or very little eyebrow hair for which microblading would not be effective or for patients that would like a longer lasting solution to their lack of eyebrow definition. The ink used for permanent make-up is introduced into a deeper skin level which makes it last up to 3-5 years.

The permanent makeup process takes approximately two hours with a 15 min consult included. While it is possible to have the consult and the procedure in one day, we recommend a 15 minute consult prior to the procedure appointment at which time, our master cosmetic tattooist can review your health information, go over pre-procedure instructions and the procedure itself so that you can have plenty of time to have all your questions answered.

For the procedure itself, details and goals of treatment will be reviewed, numbing medicine will be applied and the initial process is applied. The result is immediate! The healing process takes 30 days at which point we recommend a touch up. This is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that lasts about 3 years.

Who is Permanent Makeup – Eyebrows for

Permanent eyebrow makeup is for anyone who has sparse eyebrow hairs or wants to have a specific desired shape to their brows.


This procedure takes away the hassle and time of applying eyebrow makeup every day. Now you can have a permanent solution to achieve your perfect brows.

Where is Permanent Makeup – Eyebrows applied

This shading tattoo technique is applied specifically to the eyebrow area.

Permanent Makeup – Eyebrows