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Permanent Makeup – Eyes

What is Permanent Makeup – Eyes

This permanent makeup technique is for eyeliner and eyelash enhancement. As the patient, you make the decisions regarding the look you desire with our experienced, cosmetic tattooist. This is great for a natural looking eyelash enhancement and the appearance of eyeliner without the hassle of daily mascara and eyeliner application.

The permanent makeup process takes approximately two hours with a 15 min consult included. While it is possible to have the consult and the procedure in one day, we recommend a 15 minute consult prior to the procedure appointment at which time, our master cosmetic tattooist can review your health information, go over pre-procedure instructions and the procedure itself so that you can have plenty of time to have all your questions answered.

For the procedure itself, details and goals of treatment will be reviewed, numbing medicine will be applied and the initial process is applied. The result is immediate! The healing process takes 30 days at which point we provide a touch up. This is considered a permanent tattoo technique that lasts 3-5 years before a refresh is considered to maintain optimal results.

Who is Permanent Makeup – Eyes for

Permanent eyeliner is for anyone who was to define their natural lashline, give more definition to the eyelid, and not have to apply eyeliner every day.


This procedure takes away the hassle of having to apply eyeliner every day as well as removing it. This is a permanent solution for eyeliner that is the desired thickness and style for you and your eye shape.

Where is Permanent Makeup – Eyes applied

This tattooing technique is applied to the desired area of the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, or both.

Permanent Makeup – Eyes