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Permanent Makeup – Lips

What is Permanent Makeup – Lips

Permanent Makeup is a fantastic option to line and/or fill in the body of the lips with a natural ink color to offer definition and contouring to the lips. A natural hue or more vivid color can be chosen. This is a great choice for patients looking to simplify their beauty regimen, decrease the number of times they have to apply lip color through the day, or need the appearance of fullness.

The permanent makeup process takes approximately two hours with a 15 min consult included. While it is possible to have the consult and the procedure in one day, we recommend a 15 minute consult prior to the procedure appointment at which time, our master cosmetic tattooist can review your health information, go over pre-procedure instructions and the procedure itself so that you can have plenty of time to have all your questions answered.

For the procedure itself, details and goals of treatment will be reviewed, numbing medicine will be applied and the initial process is applied. The result is immediate! The healing process takes 30 days at which point we provide a touch up. This is considered a permanent tattoo technique however, due to the thinness of the skin of the lips, the overall effect lasts about a year before a refresh is considered to maintain optimal results.

Who is Permanent Makeup – Lips for

Permanent lip liner is for anyone who wants the appearance of a more defined lip line, or who wants an added color to the lip area.


Now you can have your desired lip shape and lip color without the hassle of applying lip liner or lipstick every day. This is a natural and permanent treatment to beautiful lips.

Where is Permanent Makeup – Lips applied

This tattooing technique can be applied to the lip line, the body of the lips, or both.

Permanent Makeup – Lips