What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning procedureDermaplaning is a form of exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz (vellus hair) from the face. It is performed by our esthetician, and is a safe and quick way to maintain radiant and healthy skin.

Who is Dermaplaning for?

Dermaplaning is something EVERYONE can benefit from. No matter your skin type, gender, or age, dermaplaning is a very versatile treatment that is painless and requires no downtime. Even expecting mothers who are looking for a facial treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding can have this treatment done.

Some people believe that this may cause the peach fuzz to grow back thicker or darker, but that is simply not the case. Vellus hair is wispy and thin and is different from terminal hair, such as the hair on our legs, which is darker and thicker. Only changes in hormones can affect your hair growth, but regardless of the hair type, it will grow the same as it was prior to removal.

Dermaplaning is also different from shaving in that it’s a more precise treatment of facial hair removal with less risk of nicks or cuts, which is perfect for sensitive skin types.

Why Dermaplaning

  • Allows products and skincare to penetrate deeper into the skin⁠⁠.
  • Reduces clogged pores and acne caused by the dirt and oils that get trapped on the dead skin and hair.
  • Provides a smooth canvas that allows smoother makeup application for a “photo finished”⁠ look.
  • Improves skin texture, gives the skin a radiant glow, and feels soft to the touch⁠.
  • Gently exfoliates by removing the dead skin from the surface, which helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and acne scars⁠.
  • Promotes cellular turnover and stimulates collagen production.
  • Can be combined with a chemical peel for enhanced results.

Dermaplane Treatment Guidelines

Dermaplaning can be done anytime and year-round! Even now as summer comes to an end, a dermaplaning facial is a perfect way to reboot your skin after all the summer activities. It’s an easy way to stimulate anti-aging benefits while also keeping your skin looking refreshed! We recommend every 3-6 weeks and can be stopped or continued at any point.

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Dermaplaning (Consult)

For patients who are new to Radiance, and/or new to Dermaplaning. It includes a medical history and examination of areas of concern while treatment options are discussed with the esthetician.

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Dermaplaning (Treatment)

This is for existing patients that have already had a consultation and/or Dermaplaning treatment at Radiance Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Spa.

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