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Halo™ Laser

What is Halo?

HaloTM is a hybrid fractional laser that is safely and effectively used to resurface the skin to treat many skin concerns including pore size, sun damage, uneven tone, texture, fine lines, and acne scars. HaloTM combines ablative and non-ablative wavelengths that penetrate micro channels into the dermis and epidermis. This stimulates the body to form new collagen and elastin – a process that slows down as we age. The end result is smoother, beautiful skin with a healthy and youthful glow.

Who is Halo™ for?

Halo can treat a wide range of skin types and colors and can treat many skin concerns all in one procedure. As a customizable treatment, Halo is great for people who want optimal results with little to no downtime. Halo is great for people looking for an effective fractional laser treatment that can resurface the skin and rebuild lost collagen and elastin. Halo improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, sun damage/dyschromia, skin texture, scar revision (including acne scars), signs of aging, pigmented lesions, enlarged pores, and actinic keratoses. 

Why Halo?

This hybrid fractional laser was designed to offer a better alternative to CO2 treatments, Contour TRL, and ProFractional with less downtime. These other lasers require a much longer recovery time and can often be harsh, uncomfortable, and are associated with a significant risk of complications. Halo has beautiful results with faster recovery time and minimal discomfort. Healing time is much faster due to the use of ablative and non-ablative wavelengths. Your skin will continue to improve even after your first treatment due to the activation of dermal regeneration (production of collagen and elastin). Halo treats signs of aging we can and cannot see to the naked eye, therefore healing previous skin damage from environmental and sun exposure. 

The Erbium technology in Halo is the new gold standard for control and delivery with optimal results and fewer complications. Patients can receive ablative results using fractional ablative technology without the long downtime. Patients also claim less overall discomfort after treatment with shorter flaking and peeling period. Halo takes years of dermal damage away revealing radiant and glowing skin.

Common Treatments

Acne Scarring

Enlarged pores

Fine lines and wrinkles 


Uneven skin texture, roughness

Sun damage 

Visible signs of aging 

Dermal damage

Lines around the mouth

Lines above the eyelid

Halo™ Laser