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Laser Benign Pigmented Lesions

What is Laser for Benign Pigmented Lesion?

Benign (or harmless) pigmented lesions are spots on the skin that are typically brown, red, or blue in color. Pigmented lesions typically arise over time due to sun exposure and photodamage to the skin. When the skin cells are damaged, melanin spots rise to the surface of the skin, causing spots and uneven skin pigmentation. Benign pigmented lesions include age spots, sun spots, telangiectasias, cherry angiomas, veins, moles, and birthmarks. Although benign, these pigmented spots can be an unwanted cosmetic concern that can be eliminated safely and quickly with targeted laser treatment.

 Our laser technology effectively treats these spots by using specific light energy that is absorbed by the unwanted spot and removes the pigment without damaging surrounding skin cells. The immediate result after treatment is darkened color of the spot which will then slough off within 3 to 6 days.

Who is Laser treatment of benign pigmented lesions for?

Laser for benign pigmented lesions is for anyone who wants to get rid of brown or red pigmentation spots on the face and/or body. Our gold standard laser can treat a variety of skin types and a wide range of pigmented spots. The laser can be used for small spot treatment or larger area treatment such as actinic bronzing on the chest.

 This laser treatment is for patients who have only one or a few spots they want to remove, would like minimal to no downtime, and want fast results. This is great for patients who have stubborn brown or red spots that have not had success with spot removal by other procedures. We recommend you see your dermatologist prior to receiving laser treatment in order to diagnose whether the spot is benign or malignant. It is best to consult with your physician about how many treatments you will need, but results can be seen after one treatment.

Why laser treatment of benign pigmented lesions?

Laser for benign pigmented lesions requires only 1 to 2 treatments to effectively eliminate the spot. The benefits of laser treatment of benign pigmented lesions include quick procedure time, treats most areas of the body and has less risk of hypopigmentation and damage to the skin. The laser treatment causes little discomfort and is typically well-tolerated. Laser is an effective way to permanently target and remove these spots that may cause you psychological burden or discomfort. and permanently remove them with minimal to no downtime. The results take only a few days to occur and little to no downtime is required. Normal activity may be resumed after your treatment as long as the area treated is protected and covered post-procedure. 

Common Treatments

Age spots 

Actinic bronzing

Sun spots 

Brown spots 

Red spots 



Laser Benign Pigmented Lesions