What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy injectionThis is a medical procedure to treat spider veins and small varicose veins on the legs. A solution (typically a concentrated salt water) is injected into the vein and causes irritation to the lining of the vessel. This causes the walls of the vessel to stick together and permanently close the vessel off, in turn, shunting the blood flow back into the deeper vessels.

Who is Sclerotherapy for?

Sclerotherapy is for anyone who has spider or vericose veins that are unwanted on the legs. It is best to consult with your physician if you are a candidate for sclerotherapy.

Why Sclerotherapy

This is your best treatment for unsightly veins. Sclerotherapy is considered the gold standard for treatment of spider veins over other treatments, including laser. Usually requiring at least two treatments and patients are encouraged to wear compression stockings for two weeks following treatment for best results.

Where is Sclerotherapy applied?

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Sclerotherapy (Consult)

For patients who are new to Radiance, and/or new to Sclerotherapy. It includes a medical history and examination of areas of concern while treatment options are discussed with the physician.

If you would like to have your treatment done at the time of your consultation, please contact us directly to adjust your appointment.

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Sclerotherapy (Treatment)

This is for patients that have already had a consult for Sclerotherapy at Radiance Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Spa.

Please be aware, when booking online the prices listed are deposit fees used to secure your appointment spot and are returned at the time of your visit. Our pricing is not listed online. Please contact us directly for any service cost information.

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